Be Your True Colours through Parenting


As a parent, you want to do the very best you can for your child, don’t you?  When you became a parent, suddenly everything you experienced was totally new and different.  And if you have more than one child, you’ve probably discovered that what works for one child doesn’t work for the others, right?

So for all of us in that situation, it would be great if we could ask ourselves “How do I handle this?”  However, we don’t usually allow ourselves to ask the question that leads to awareness and different choices that work in each situation.  Instead, what we tend to do is just behave and react automatically based on our beliefs and attitudes that were formed from our experiences with our own parents or caregivers, whether or not we agree with their values.

The space where we pass on our ideas about how a family “should be” has been called “parenting”.

Maybe you copied your parents’ values, followed the advice of your peer group or applied the methodology of a parenting expert.  But the question here is how well your current style of parenting is working.

Why not try another approach, one that works better for you and your child?  It might look different from what other parents are doing, and it might even be something you’ve never thought of before.

What would you like your parenting to be like? 

What choices are available to you, other than what you’ve been experiencing so far?  Your choices might lie beyond your own experience or even imagination.  There won’t be just one set of skills that work for every family, because everybody’s different and unique.   

So let’s explore and create your own style of parenting that works for you and your child.

What’s the greatest gift you could give to your child?

If you’d like to give your child the greatest gift possible, by exploring what else is possible in your parenting, please contact me today to book your session by Zoom or face-to-face.

Blogs are available for more information on Intergenerational parenting!


Our program will combine the following tools and body processes:


Enjoyment & Performance Assessment

Parenting Coaching – from an intergenerational and energetic perspective 

Body Process:

Access Bars® – can release years of limitations in many areas of your life and are effective for insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression etc

Access Consciousness® Body Processes – can unlock physical, mental or emotional discomfort you may be experiencing in your body




"Saeko's session has so much lightness in it, yet she goes straight to the point and I kept on saying "oh boy... ouch!" in my head. I felt a lot of space opening up afterward, as if something new has been planted in me. I can already see when my 5-year-old wakes up tomorrow morning, I will greet him in a totally different way. Thank you so much for your contribution (and for the great laughter!)."

By Christine Hiratsuka, Columbia 


I had an instant connection with Saeko. She's warm, delightful and radiates kindness. It was always a joy to have her run my bars and I trust that she's here for me. I've struggled over the years with my relationship with my daughter in particular. Saeko could always shine a light on what I was creating in my head vs what I could experience with my heart. I can now see the gifts my children are to me and I forgive myself when things don't go smoothly.
While I love Saeko's company, her real gift is her way with children and teens. I've watched kids relax and open up to her firsthand. She allows them to be who they are and expresses non-verbally in a way they can immediately grasp. If you're looking for someone serious who will tell you what to do, she's not the one for you. If you'd like to connect with someone without judgment and have fun, she's the right choice. As parents, we can repeat or react to what we've learned from our predecessors and try to fit everything and everyone into those beliefs or we can explore new ways that work. Saeko can shine light on ways to move gently forward with generosity and compassion.

By Michelle Hsu, USA


"My Access Bars Session with Saeko was one of the most profound experiences I have had to date ~ the work we did together brought me to new dimensions within myself and has had lasting effects on my life since. I now experience much more freedom to be myself, communicate what I need without holding back and an expansion in having peace and calm present in my daily life and interactions. Some of the tangible results I have had since our work together include; receiving over $10,000 in funds for work projects, and the ability to receive more freely and fully in material and energetic forms from other people. I also appreciate the level of conversation and interaction that Saeko and I had following my session to talk about the interaction of the body with consciousness.  It was a life altering experience and I highly suggest working with her!  I now wake up being so grateful to be me, in my body and alive, and am able to send back energy with clarity and ease when it is not mine. I have also found far greater clarity with men and what it means to be in gratitude in relationships where love can be a moment to moment creation. I notice that people around me experience far more ease, peace and joy!"

 By Meredith Kalaman, Contemporary Choreographer and Performer, Canada


 I love having my Bars run and especially with Saeko! She has the perfect touch and always hits the right spots. Her lovely personality and joyful allowance gives you an experience with plenty of space to release and enjoy fully, free of judgement. If something specific comes up in a session, she is also phenomenal at coaching you forward. I would highly recommend any type of session with Saeko!                                                                            

By Carina Jensen, Stockholm, Sweden