Career Options for Teens and Young Adults

Would you like to identify your ideal career based on what you enjoy doing?

For Teens and Young Adults
Harrison Assessment (Enjoyment & Performance Assessment) Debriefing, Coaching and Body Processes:
We’ll be delving into your preferred behaviours to see what you most enjoy doing and are potentially good at.  Based on this assessment, you’ll be able to explore and identify suitable career options, and find out about the educational qualifications you need and the professional categories that might suit you.  Then you can move towards the ideal study choices and optimal vocational choices.

In our sessions, we’ll also focus on how you’re experiencing yourself, your life and your relationships with others.  We’ll explore these elements, so you can guide yourself to maintain or change the dynamics of your relationships and open up channels of authentic communication.  This is also an invitation to expand the space of possibilities for yourself and your life.

Let’s explore what else is possible in your career options when you’re being truly, joyfully you!

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Package Period Price
Face-to-Face Internet Special

Harrison Assessment (Enjoyment and performance assessment) 

debriefing session

2.5 hours A$680


Harrison Assessment (Enjoyment and performance assessment) 

debriefing session

coaching sessions

1-2 months A$1,070


I’m in Australia.  If you live overseas, a different rate will apply – please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.