Career Transition

What if your career choices are expanded by adding your preferred behaviours to your past experiences?  Being you widens your career opportunities!

For Career Transitions
Harrison Assessment (Enjoyment and Performance Assessment) Debriefing, Coaching and Body Processes:
We’ll be looking into career options based on your behavioural preferences.  Your past work experiences and skills will help you to determine your choices of potential work.  At the same time, your current behavioural preferences will be a key element in helping you choose what you enjoy doing, have a natural aptitude for and might be really good at.  You probably know what you enjoy doing as your job, but what if those preferred behaviours could be translated into much wider career options?

Paradoxically, if you’re avoiding certain behaviours or you’re resisting certain parts of yourself, you might be dismissing possibilities that could lead to a more fulfilling career.

If you’re open to choosing new behaviours and options beyond your current safe, habitual, instinctive and comfortable preferences, then the range of choices open to you will be truly infinite.  

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Package Period Price
Face-to-Face Internet Special

Harrison Assessment (Enjoyment and performance assessment)

debriefing session

2.5 hours A$680


Harrison Assessment (Enjoyment and performance assessment)

debriefing session
coaching sessions

1-2 months A$1,070


I’m in Australia.  If you live overseas, a different rate will apply – please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.