Energetic Parenting

Do you know that we have many energetically very aware children currently in this world?

They are especially the children who are labelled as a “troublemaker”, “overly sensitive”, “rude”, “disruptive” or “learning disabled” at school or even at home? 

They function differently, and their language is mainly through energy.  They know who you are through energy.  They know what is going on with you and around them through energy.  They get this information quickly and are sometimes overwhelmed with the tremendous amount of information they get through energy. In fact, they are very talented people. However, often even as their parent, we have no idea what is going on in them.  Our automatic judgement kicks in and we just don’t know what’s behind their behaviours.

Our society focuses heavily on cognition.  We have been trained to communicate our thoughts and feelings by words. Since our awareness of energy has not been fully used, we just have no clue about what those children are perceiving and what they are trying to communicate via energy with us and other people. 

If the relationship with your child or your parenting is not working, you may have the talented child who functions and communicates differently and is very aware of something that you may not be.

They can help us to be more aware of energy, to be vulnerable, to nurture our inner child, to become who we truly are.  They want us to have joy in our life, even though sometimes their behaviour does not appear appropriate in your eyes and you don’t get them at all.  What is more, they are helping us to love ourselves and humankind beyond judgement of discrimination and separation.  

The question is are you receiving their wonderful gift?  Are you making use of their gift to make your life greater?

It is possible for your parenting to be a collaborative space where you and your child make choices to create various possibilities.  What can you do to make this possible?

What is the greatest gift that you can give to your child who has this talent so that his/her possibilities blossom? 

How can you let them help you with their amazing awareness to make your life greater?

In these coaching sessions you will learn what is required for your parenting to be with easy, joyful and full of possibilities!

On one occasion, one of the talented children that I know taught me,

“If you include your children in your life and work choices, you will be happier and more successful at the same time, because children can help you!”

They are a resource for you!  They are not obstacles for what you want to be, do and have in/for your life!  They help you to transform by embracing greater possibilities!

Blogs are available for more information on Energetic Parenting. 

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