Intergenerational Parenting

Parenting is the choice of anyone interacting in every moment, and is the space of possibilities for you and your child.

However, our perceptions and values about how a family “should be” are passed down from one generation to the next.  We learned them from our parents, and we’ll probably pass them down to our children.  This is done in the space called parenting.

If these family values, passed down through the generations, don’t allow everyone in your family to have choices, it can undermine and even crush the seed of possibilities for your child, because your child knows what works for him or her.

When things are not working in your parenting, you may blame yourself for it and feel guilty about being inadequate as a parent.  Sometimes, you may even become worn out by the emotional drama and trauma.  If you and your child keep sharing the emotional ups and downs, how you are connected to your child becomes via drama and trauma.  Your child may recreate those to feel connected to the loved ones.  

We can stop this cycle of drama and trauma now, not let it reoccur in the next generation by being YOU.

My approach is to allow my clients (parents and children) to express who they truly are, not who they’ve been told they should be by their parent(s), their loved ones, their peer group, their teachers, the media, the “experts”…

What if your parenting could allow you and your child to be vulnerable? 

What if you could trust your child's unique capacity, yourself and your choice in your parenting?

What if you could transform your parenting into something with more ease and joy?

What would it be like if your parenting created greater possibilities for both you and your child?

What if you could transform many aspects of your own and your child’s life – perhaps conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression– that may be leading to unease in your relationship with each other?

So what do you want your parenting to be like, so that it works for you and your child?

What is the greatest gift that you could give to your child, so that his or her infinite possibilities and potential blossom?

Let’s explore that together.

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