The Program

Harrison Assessment (Enjoyment and Performance Assessment) Debriefing Session 2.5 hours
The assessment tools we’ll use for this session include questionnaires and assessment reports based on many years of studies and validated research.  In this assessment, you’ll be looking into your most preferred and least preferred behaviours, and your behaviour under stress, all of which will indicate what you most enjoy doing and what you’re potentially good at. 

This will help you to see for yourself how you’ve interpreted what has happened in your life, and how you turned those beliefs into limitations that have been hindering your possibilities. 

What if some coaching and body process sessions enabled you to transform those limiting beliefs with ease, and change your choice patterns to expand your possibilities?

This session will allow you to see your story about yourself, your life and your work.

This is the beginning of transforming your limitations and integrating something new and exciting into your life.

What story are you telling yourself about yourself and your life?

Contact me today if you have any questions or you're ready to let go of your story. 


Private Facilitating Sessions 1 hour:
After you’ve completed the Enjoyment and Performance assessment debriefing (we could call that a self-awareness process), I’ll do an in-depth assessment to tailor a coaching program to fit your individual choices and needs.  Then we can start the coaching sessions.

This is the space of exploring what else is possible for you and what choices are available other than the ones you’ve been making so far.  Because you can’t expect amazing life changes if you keep making the same old choices, can you?

When we combine various body processes, you’ll feel more at ease and better able to choose the option that works.  In other words, change will come with ease because there’s less resistance to that choice.

We’ll do coaching sessions 2-4 times per month for an agreed period of time.

Now is the time to let go of your story about yourself and your life, with ease!

Contact me today if you have any questions or you're ready to start making new choices. 


Group Workshop 1.5 hours per session:
Parenting & Beyond – An Intergenerational Perspective

Parenting is the choice of anyone interacting in every moment, and is the space of possibilities for you and your child.

This approach will not only allow your child to express who he or she truly is, it will also help you to expand your possibilities, if you choose to.

How can that be?  Let’s explore all the elements of intergenerational parenting.

This session will be mainly group facilitation (coaching style), so it's intuitive and interactive.  It’s about accessing your knowing. 

We’ll touch on the following topics during the sessions:
•    The definition of parenting
•    Parenting as “possible space”
•    Your conditioning
•    Points of view
•    Vulnerability
•    Choice
•    The boundary or space where you and others allow your own choices
•    Celebrating the difference and uniqueness of your child
•    Being present
•    The power of asking questions

Schedule for Parenting & Beyond Group Workshop (A$30/session, 1.5 hours) 

10:00am-11:30am, Every Thursday



To be confirmed 

Contact me today for booking for Parenting & Beyond Group Workshop. 

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Harrison Assessment

(Enjoyment and performance assessment) debriefing session





  Private Facilitating session 1h/session 


3 sessions



3 sessions


6 sessions


6 sessions


Parenting & Beyond

An intergenerational perspective

Group workshop






I’m in Australia.  If you live overseas, a different rate will apply – please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.