The Most Challenging Relationship as a Key for the Joy of Being You

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What if the relationship with someone you totally cannot stand having in your life is a key for the joy of being you?

Do you have anyone whom you just cannot stand being with and living with in your family even though you love them?

They could be really unbearable to live with, because they are just harsh, hurtful or even nasty to you and it just seems nothing is contributing to you in the relationship.

Wait, wait….sometimes, just sometimes, you are missing something which could be a key which lies in the relationship with the persons for ultimate joy of a whole of you.

The only way for this comes from changing your perception about yourself.  How much of you you are willing to receive.

A lot of times we don’t like the way they are or their behavior.  Those are the parts that you don’t like about yourself. You even want to put them inside a box and bury them deep underground and end up abandoning those parts of you by saying ‘you are “a piece of useless crap!”’ This is the beginning of your separation.

You see this “piece of crap” in those people and cannot stand them, because you did not want to see those parts of you.  Constantly, you encounter the parts of you that you thought you hid and abandoned are there in those people that you are living with.

When you bring the parts of you that you hid back to you, you become finally one and you are able to allow yourself to be whole. This in turn allows them to be whoever they are free of your perception.

When you stop judging you and bring yourself back, others do not have to fight with your judgement.  It can also allow the others to choose what works for them and could also allow them to change themselves.

What you do to yourself is exactly what you do for others

How interesting!!!

When you want to see differences in your relationship with loved ones, all you can start doing is to look for the parts of you you separated and stop judging yourself as “not good enough” first.  You are everything.  In the end nothing is lacking in you and them.  It is just your judgement of yourself and others as “lacking”.

What if there was never separation in you and between you and those people in the first place.

Sometimes, the most challenging relationship is holding a key for you to become all of you, who you are.

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