Being Positive...Limitation of Possibility?


Are you a positive person?  Is being positive your way to avoid negativity, uncomfortable feelings and thoughts?  What if positivity is still centered and controlled by negativity if you are avoiding being negative. “It is too ugly and not cool to be that, so I only focus on positivity.”

Like anger, anxiety, jealousy and others that were considered to be negative and avoided.  What if they are not negative emotions or thoughts?  What if it is information that gives you knowing underneath the “negativity”.

What if what you consider that “negativities” hide possibilities that you could truly be?

Have you thought that being positive could be also source of suffering or even limitations.....

Have you ever experienced things you said in your life “I will never do it.” and somehow you end up doing those things? 

When you say, “never” you are actually attaching so much significance that what you focus on becomes your “reality”.

Sometimes in your life you could feel that you fall into “being negative” because you may have felt “no choice” due to being totally overwhelmed by your emotions and thoughts.  Then you judge yourself as negative and decide “I don't want to be a negative person.”

When you judge yourself for being negative, that judgment creates another judgement and another judgement.  Never ends.  When you stop judging yourself, it just stops there.  All you do is just perceive as it is and as a choice you made.

When you focus on positiveness, you are also cutting awareness of everything that is going on and could even intensify negativity.  It also means you are not in the moment which is being aware of all, what works and does not work -without judgment.

And if you had this judgement as positive and negative, you could judge yourself as success and failure, superior and inferior, even more conscious or not conscious, socially more accepted or not accepted.  All you are doing is creating another judgement by being “positive”.

When you see your world as negative & positive, you only have 2 choices and you are not allowing yourself more possibilities.

Nothing is about negative and positive in the first place.  What if positive and negative are just points of view... They are just judgement.... Our judgement makes the separation and dichotomy.

When you are what you think is negative, for example getting angry or showing anger, it could work for you at times.  Also anger could be letting you know that you have some kind of urgency and intensity to want to change something or a current situation.  Being jealous could be a possibility you have in yourself, because what you are jealous about can show that you possess the same quality or talent which you have never acknowledged in yourself.

Kids are very good at picking up on your cues. If you suppress anger because you think it is negative behavior, it’s possible they may learn that when he/she gets angry, he/she might feel bad and judge himself/herself for getting angry.  Why not let him/her be angry and let them be aware of what it really is and what is there underneath. Does suppressing “negative” emotions ever work?

The more you become positive, the more you become empty if you are not aware of the "negativity" there.  Showing happiness outside and crying inside. Separation of outside self and inside self. Is that really empowering? The gap between what you want to be and what you are is wide.

These could be the limitations of focusing on “positiveness”.

What aspects of your life do you consider as negative? Could there be choices that you have never taken and if you choose, you might expand more choice in your life?

Be what you are now whatever it looks like. That is the courage that you are contributing to and that is caring that you are to yourself and others.

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