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How are you communicating with your child?

Is your communication with your child working?

Did you know children communicate through energy? They know people and everything around them through energies.   At earlier ages, they have even more acute ability with that.  Think about small babies...they do not know even one word of any language, but they know what people are saying, because they are perceiving the energies of what those people are communicating about.  They also tell us to do things for them without words.

Some say asking open questions to your child is an important element for communication.  Yes, I agree.  At the same time, you can ask millions of amazing questions to them, but they may not answer you back if your energies are already judging the possible answers which may come out of your children’s mouths.  Children already know by your energy that you won't like their answers.  Then what is the point of asking the questions?

Well, they can also be an amazing lie detector, because if you say one thing and you don’t mean it, they often perceive it. They know when we are not true to ourselves.  They would say things like...  

“Mom is angry, but why is she smiling at my grandma?”

“Daddy says, ‘Sorry’. But he does not feel sorry.” 

“My friend says she likes me, but she actually doesn’t.”

“My brother says he does not like me, but I know he cares about me.”

“My auntie uses “bad” language, but she is really kind.”

They are sometimes simply confused and overwhelmed with the whole of our “normal” behaviors. 

I often see children love people who say what they mean even though they might look “rude,” “impolite,” or “unsophisticated” in the eyes of adults. Sometimes some people use words which are “not nice,” but if the person is true to himself/herself and cares about people, children seem OK with those people.  Energies are energies. They speak for themselves.

My daughter, when she was in the first grade, liked being with an autistic boy in her class, instead of playing with other classmates.  I asked “What do you like about him?”  She said, “I know people think he is a bit weird, but he is really nice.  I care about him and he loves me back.”

In some ways, I sensed that my daughter felt safe around him (a mutual caring relationship). 

They know what it is like to be cared for and what caring for others does to themselves and others.  How do they communicate their concern for each other?  Is it via language, saying, “I love you” or “I care for you”?  Or do they hug each other all the time?  No, they just know and receive it by each other’s energies.  

Communication is by energies.  Are your words and actions matching your energies?   

Would you like to communicate authentically with your child?  You may feel uncomfortable at first or you may feel liberated instantly.  Who knows?

If the hurdle is a bit high, then how about you start with being brutally honest with yourself?  And see what will show up in how your child then acts around you, and your relationship with your child?

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